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Concrete Lifting a Sure Savings

The process of lifting a concrete slab to near their original grade elevation has been used for years as a solution for the expensive tear out and replacement of existing concrete. A whole industry has grown up as an option to this expensive process. Interwest concrete lifting has successfully lifted driveways, sidewalks, concrete steps, and interior concrete floors all over Utah. Savings of thousands of dollars have allowed home owners and commercial property owners restore their facilities to original levels of construction and restored complete functionality at a reduced cost. Interwest’s method of concrete lifting gives a permanent solution to freezing and thawing. This is a natural result of temperature fluctuations that seasons bring in this area of the country.

The problem goes beyond the appearance of a joint settling. The hazards caused by settling expose a trip hazard to pedestrians and vehicles crossing the uneven concrete joint. Snow plows have difficulty removing snow. When a concrete joint settles and opens up moisture is introduced into the sub grade causing further settling problems.

Poor compaction is one of the main causes for this problem. Clay based soils are more prone to causing movement in the sub base underneath the concrete slab. These types of soils require more careful compacting during the original construction to avoid later concrete lifting repairs.

Another cause of this settling problem even when the original compaction has been adequate is the discharge of roof downspouts near the concrete. Water will flow toward and moisture will accumulate next too and under the concrete. Eventually the moistened sub base will cause voids underneath and weaken the concrete slab on grade.

Occasionally RV pads and side driveways etc added after the original construction are not supervised properly. An unscrupulous contractor may pour the slab thin even as thin as 1” when the owner thinks he is paying for a minimum of 4”.

Interwest Concrete Lifting takes great pride in its concrete restoration. Often we lift stairs and other difficult problems when others have failed. We have a specialized individual to receive, record and schedule leads as they come in. Our sales specialist understands and is able to solve most customer problems. The installation technicians are able to solve the lifting problem quickly allowing us to reduce cost. Interwest Concrete Lifting is a good choice when selecting a company to solve settling concrete problems.

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Author: Interwest Concrete Lifting & Foundation Repair
Interwest is a Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting company.

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