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Why we are the difference

Oh how time flies, We have been concrete lifting in Utah for 5 years.  Not only have we covered a lot of ground by lifting in Salt Lake and Provo, but we have learned a lot and have lifted some crazy things. We can lift steps, driveway and sidewalk slabs, basement floors and more.  What was once a challenge has now become routine. Concrete that once took all day to lift can now be done in just hrs.  Mostly this is a result of or obsession with efficiency and just plain doing the job right the first time.

We have invented tricks, tools, and implements to help us lift concrete successfully without cracking or damaging the slab.  Our customers have hailed us and jaws have dropped as sunken concrete has been lifted back into it’s original position.  We hear comments like, “wow that’s amazing” or ” I didn’t know you could lift concrete” We’ve even had a customer from Provo say they thought we were liars when we told them what we can do. Lucky for them, and us, they decided to give concrete lifting a chance.

Interwest concrete lifting has lifted hundreds and hundreds of concrete slabs all over
the Wasatch Front. From Layton to Salt Lake and Provo.  It’s amazing to think of all the smiling faces we have left standing in front yards as our concrete lifting truck pulls away.  We can help to feel flattered as the phones have rang and the voice on the other side says “Hi, I’m…. you lifted some concrete for a friend of mine and I was wondering if I could get an estimate” That’s when we know we have done something right, although we can’t be too surprised because we put so much focus into making sure our customers are satisfied and would have us back.

Here at Interwest Concrete Lifting, we make lifting concrete look easy, but it wasn’t always so easy.  Hrs and hrs of training, testing and practice have made all the difference in the world.  It’s incredible what hard work, dedication to your trade and plain old grit will do.

Because concrete lifting is quite technical, its important for you to find someone with enough experience to handle your project.  After 5 years and hundreds of slabs lifted we can say with confidence that we have probably seen your situation before and can give you an honest opinion on whether your concrete can be lifted or not. As good as we are, sometimes you just have to walk away.

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Author: Interwest Concrete Lifting & Foundation Repair
Interwest is a Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting company.
  • Melissa Ricardson says:

    We need concrete lifted at our residence, but we also need the problem corrected. The contractors who built our house put a drain underneath the walkway to our front door steps. We need the drain fixed, but cannot lift the concrete to get to it. After the drain is fixed (made so water runs off into lawn instead of under the walkway) we will need the concrete lifted. Is this something you can help with? Do you offer free estimates?

  • Vern Mitchell says:

    I am the manager of contracts for a Home Owner Association. I have two homes with driveways that have sunk about 2 inches in specific locations These two slabs will probably take about four holes and lifting points each. I also have a sidewalk section that has also sunk on one end. It will need two lifting points. I need an inspection and quote for repairs.

    Thank you

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