Foundation Repair In Utah

If a foundation is placed on unstable Utah soil, the weight of the building can cause it to sink or settle. You may begin to see cracks in brick, stucco, or sheet rock. Windows and doors may not close as well as they once did. This may result in needing a foundation repair done by a qualified professional. Foundation settlement can be fixed using a process called underpinning. Interwest repairs homes and buildings all along the Wasatch Front.

Helical Piers & Push Piers

Interwest’s resistance piering or helical piering systems will stabilize and/or raise the foundation to its original position and prevent further home, building or foundation settlement. Foundation piering is a great way to ensure that your investment stays on solid ground for many years to come.

Once the foundation has been excavated and the foundation and footings are exposed, a heavy-duty steel bracket is attached to the foundation. A steel pier is then hydraulically driven through the bracket to bedrock or supporting strata to create a new, deep, solid foundation support.

Foundation Piering

Helical Pier or Push Pier depth will depend on the soils beneath the home or building. For example, piers installed under a home located in Salt Lake City may reach a deeper depth than a home in Provo. Of course city boundaries don’t determine soil type. We have even seen piers go deeper on one side of the house than the other.

Pier Bracket

When the settling area of the foundation is repositioned or stabilized, the steel pier is bolted to the bracket, locking the structure into place. After most foundation piering stabilization projects, doors and windows that used to stick will once again open and close properly. Cracks in sheet rock, stucco or brick will become repairable.

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