8 Benefits of Magnum’s Brackets Installed by Interwest

When looking for a foundation piering system in Utah to lift your sunken foundation one thing you need to look at is how that system connects to your home. Specifically we are talking about the bracket that connects the pier to your sunken foundation. If it doesn’t connect to your home properly, the system can’t repair your foundation.

Here are eight reasons why Interwest Foundation Piering uses Magnum’s bracket.

1. Every part/connection is load tested -

As part of the installation process for Magnum’s foundation piering system, Interwest conducts a full-scale load test on the most critical components. First the pipe is tested as it is being pushed into the ground. The bracket is put under the same test, as well as all of the welds and wedge anchors holding the system together. The anchors that Interwest uses to install the bracket to the footing are tested to make sure they can handle much more than the working capacity on the pier. But what about the bolts that go in last to connect the pier to the bracket? We use bolts that have been tested extensively to ensure they can handle much more than the stresses put on them.

2. Proper Installation Process -

Magnum brackets are the first component installed. This way Interwest can perform the tests necessary to make sure your foundation piering will go as planned. Some companies use a jack stand to install the piers and then attach the bracket to the foundation and pier. The problem with this is that nothing has been tested on the system. You don’t know if the bracket, bolts, pier, or foundation can handle the forces put on them. By installing the bracket first, we can test every part of the system.

3. The bracket design tests the integrity of the foundation during installation –

The way Interwest installs magnum brackets ensures that the foundation they are intended to lift can handle the stresses being put on it. Whether an angle bracket or plate bracket is being used the installation process tests the strength of the foundation. That way, you’ll know that your foundation piering has been done properly.

4. Wider Brackets –

Depending on the bracket used Magnum brackets are 21” to 24” wide. This gives Interwest a larger and stronger contact area to the foundation. Some competitor’s brackets are less than 12” wide. This funnels the weight of the structure to a very small area, and causes cracks in the foundation at the point where the pier is supposed to be supporting the foundation. A wider bracket spreads the weight out, putting less stress on the foundation. This prevents cracking and other structural failures.

5. Redundancy –

Magnum’s push pier based foundation piering system, and their brackets, are designed to multiply safety factors. By adding more piers Interwest creates a network of piers where, on the off chance that one fails, the rest are well within their working capacity to hold the load put on them.

6. Efficiency –

Many engineers require load tests to be conducted on foundation piers as a means with which to verify the pier has been installed properly to support the required loads of the structure. The design of the Magnum foundation piering system provides engineers with this verification on each and every pier as it is installed. This means that if any part of the system is not up to the task of supporting your home, Interwest will find out before a failure could become catastrophic.

7. Extensive safety compliance including -

  1. ICC-ES Documentation: This is quality control that covers the manufacturing process.
  2. International Building Code
  3. American Concrete Institute certification
  4. ISO-9000 – Customer focused quality management certification

8. High Quality Production –

Magnum uses only high quality steel and all of their parts are made in the USA. Magnum owns the largest pier factory in the United States. You know where your piers are coming from, and that the production wasn’t shopped out to someone who will cut on the quality of the steel.

Does the foundation piering system you’re looking at offer you the safety and dependability that you need to make sure your home is safe? Can it back up all of its safety claims with decades of engineering experience and safety documentation? Is it installed by experienced and qualified technicians? If you don’t know if it can handle the weight of your home, or if it does not test whether your foundation can handle the stresses put on it, don’t use that system. Magnum’s push pier foundation piering system, installed by Interwest, will give your home the firm foundation that you’re looking for to feel at ease in Utah’s unstable soil.

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