Magnum Steel Push Piering

Magnum Steel Push Piering

Full Load Tests on Each Pier Installation


Foundation piers are critical because they play the role of sustaining the entire loads of the building above. That’s why it’s important to know exactly how much weight can be held at any given point. The Magnum Steel Push Piering System conducts a full-load test on the metal components of its own system, on its connecting bracket connecting to the wall, and on the concrete foundation the Magnum system is connected to. Foundations require a full-load test to define their ability to carry the load of the buildings they support, and the Magnum Steel Push Piering System has that covered on each pier installation.


Designed for Efficiency and Effectiveness


The Magnum system uses a design that negates the need for disassembly, meaning you can complete the driving process and the stabilization/ lift process without any need for dismounting or moving ram assembly. The system provides a plate bracket and an angle bracket, both heavy duty foundation brackets that apply the needed flexibility to solve problems with variable anchor points. That means the job gets done faster and better.


Making the Most Massive Jobs Manageable


From assembly on, the Magnum system makes repairing and stabilizing foundations and other structures as simple as possible. Hydraulic rams are not complicated and require only one technician to assemble and operate. After correctly assembling the ram, the system is entirely ready to lift the structure. This is because it has the lifting power, precision, and versatility necessary to lift, stabilize, and hold 30 tons of building weight. The lifting process can be difficult to execute, so it’s important to have a system that can do the job smoothly and with precision. This piering system does exactly that.

Interwest and other professional underpinning contractors have chosen the Magnum Steel Push Piering System as their preferred piering system. Pairing the perfect tool with the perfect technician is exactly what makes Interwest special. We’re professionals who possess the knowledge and skills to perform the job the right way. Give us a call today.